Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Plein air painting this morning at Child's Park in Florence, MA!

I enjoyed painting plein air (on location) this beautiful October morning at Child's Park in Florence, MA!
Just around two hours of painting got me this painting of autumn colors in a New England park.

There is nothing like painting plein air!!!  You have to paint fast and it trains you to make quick, accurate decisions in regard to color choice.  The light changes so fast that you try to reminder how the scene looked ten minutes ago.  Usually, its best to paint the sky and clouds first since they change so much.
The shadows come and go but they are so important to get them right so as to give a real feeling to the painting.  You really have a window of only about two hours before the scene looks totally different!

Usually my plein air paintings look better to me than the ones I paint in my studio from my own photos.

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