Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sign Up to Learn to Paint at Michaels!

I teach four genres of subjects at three Michaels stores.
Landscape, seascape, floral and still life, which I alternate each week.
Workshops are two hours long and I instruct step by step as I paint alongside the students giving suggestions to improve their paintings during the class.

At the Hadley Michaels I teach starting at 6:30 pm on Fridays, at the Enfield Michaels the class starts at 3 pm on Saturdays and at the West Springfield Michaels we start at 4:45 pm Sundays.

You can register ahead of time at the store with at the cash register or online at and follow the links to classes and painting and the specific store that you want. 
Each workshop is $25 plus supplies (which last a long time).

Painting in acrylic is the easiest medium, cleans up with water and drys to a hard finish before you leave.
Its great fun and lets out your creativity!
For beginners and all levels! Adults and children!

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