Wednesday, October 1, 2014

My Michaels Acrylic Painting Workshops are Discounted 50% During Michaels Family & Friends Event!

I just got word that all Michaels classes and workshops (including my acrylic painting workshops) are discounted 50% during their Family & Friends Event.

For Thursday 10/2, Friday 10/3 and Saturday 10/4 my workshops will be $12.50 each instead of the normal $25.  What a great savings!!

Simply go to any of my three Michaels stores (Hadley, West Springfield and Enfield, CT) and sign up at the register on any of the above dates.

You can register for as many workshops as you want.  I have them scheduled into November.

Who knows when this will happen again!

Landscape, seascape, still life and floral subjects are all taught.  I paint at the same time and instruct step by step in the process. Go to and go to lessons and the store for the schedules.  In two hours you will complete a 9" x 12" painting which will be dry to the touch.  Easy clean up with water!
No toxic fumes! Acrylic paint is the easiest medium to learn.

Sign Up and Get Creative!

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