Monday, September 11, 2017

Great fun painting plein air yesterday on the Westfield Bridge painting the Westfield River. I have my photos below showing the progress of my painting in the two hours I painted. I usually start with an outline of the shapes and the horizon line with a dark mixture. Next my sky and clouds because that changes so quickly. Then the shadows in the trees and the landscape. I use several greens, (sap green, earth green, viridian, olive green) as well as add yellow ochre or cad yellow and white to my greens. I never use black like the French Impressionists but create a dark with alizaron crimson and ultramarine blue and perhaps some burnt umber. Made some purple for the river and added the blues (ultramarine blue & cerulean blue and white). Added textured highlights in the tree foregrounds and the land shapes on the right. My style is realism with an impressionistic flair.

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