Monday, October 2, 2017

Last Friday at my Acrylic Painting Workshop at the Hadley Michaels my three students selected the Arcadia, Maine photo of a lake with mountains as their source photo for the landscape lesson. Gwendolyn, Grace her daughter and Susan a repeat student did very well! On Sunday at my acrylic painting workshop at my West Springfield Michaels five of my students selected this Vermont Barn winter scene as their lesson. I gave them a choice of five different photos to choose from. The Romero family, father Alex, mother Laurie and daughter Lexi all did great!! Repeat students Maureen and Karin also did very well. All had a fun time painting the barn!! It's hard to finish in the two hour session but each can take home the photo to finish at home. All are progressing in their painting skills and having a fun time!


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