Monday, July 8, 2019

Steps in creating an outdoor painting: top picture: I sketch out the main shapes with a brush in a dark color (ultramarine blue and burnt umber), 2nd picture: usually start with the top in this case the sky and then place the darks throughout the painting (with viridian green, ultramarine blue), 3rd picture: made my way with some of the basic elements such as the pathways, the structure of the building, outline of the tree trunks and limbs and the medium greens, the photo reference is just a snapshot in time. The light on the various bushes changes drastically over the time period. Bottom picture is the final painting. I complete the painting with the lighter green colors and the different colors of the flowers blossoms. I then add highlights with details to the building and the flowering tree on the left. After a day looking at it I make the final edits where I see corrections have to be made. I let it dry for a couple months before I brush a gloss varnish on the painting.

Sketched in outlines of shapes in brush with dark color

Painted top sky, and added darks in foliage

Placed main colors in building, pathways and medium greens

Photo reference
Final painting

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