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Painting for me is a way of seeing and conveying the beauty that I see in the world around me with oil paint on canvas. The beauty of landscapes or of any visual scene with the affects of light falling on the various subjects and the way it changes color is intriguing. Flowers and park scenes are especially fascinating. To see how each color enhances the color which is positioned next to it and how they complement each other is a delight. Painting is almost a spiritual experience where one is lifted from the mundane and elevated to see beauty with a higher state of reference and with a higher state of mind. The Impressionists especially appeal to me in that they saw the landscape differently from past artists and passed on to us an enlightened way of seeing. Their contribution to art added to our storehouse of visualizing three dimensional landscapes on a flat surface. They painted light and tried to capture the fleeting moments of light as it interacted with the surface of items it came in contact with.

Although I admire the impressionist style of painting I realize that each style of painting has its intriguing positive recommendations and from which we can improve our own way of seeing the world and capturing it in paint. I hope that viewing my paintings will add to your own sense of well being in living among the beauty of creation.

I try to paint on location but don't have the opportunity at times and so take photos and use these as a source of reference. I realize that photos do distort images and do not provide all the colors that the natural eye sees in real life especially in shadow areas. There has to be ”punch" in a painting where the eye sees excitement but it has to be balanced and in harmony with the other colors. Strong contrasts enhance the center of interest and draw the eye to what you as an artist want the observer to see and appreciate. Color harmony and proper values will make the painted scene realistic and yet appealing.

I hope you enjoy viewing my paintings!

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